In Memoriam

John Aroutiounian


2019 Summer Seminar

Rediscovering Integral Humanism

Portsmouth, Rhode Island

June 23 – July 2, 2019

Scala Foundation is an academic initiative located in Princeton, New Jersey, that aims to strengthen classical liberal arts education and promote authentic human wellbeing. Although core questions about human existence were part of a classical education, today many students struggle to connect their classroom experiences to ultimate concerns such as questions of moral truth, the common good, and virtue. Gaining wisdom, deepening faith, developing virtues, and building friendships have been separated from acquiring knowledge. Without a passion for truth and an intimate community of peers, intellectual pursuits may not lead to flourishing lives and thriving communities. In Scala’s activities, faculty model how a challenging learning environment can take place in an atmosphere of hospitality and friendship. Faculty also help students explore the philosophical assumptions behind what they are learning. Scala’s activities promote virtues such as thoroughness, intellectual courage, and creative thinking.

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