Educating for
Beauty and Wisdom

We are a movement of students and educators who believe that beauty and wisdom are integral to a full liberal arts education. We believe that restoring education will offer Americans qualities they desperately need: meaning, purpose, and hope.

Why Beauty and Wisdom?

The Scala Foundation’s mission is to renew American culture by restoring beauty and wisdom to the liberal arts.

Who We Are

Beauty awakens our desire to know. Through art, poetry, liturgy, natural beauty, and friendship, beauty can inspire students to become lifelong learners. Reason and open debate cultivate inspiration until it becomes wisdom. That is why Scala’s liberal arts vision is attentive to the human longing for beauty, meaning, friendship and belonging.

Beauty inspires us to grow in virtue. When we see the beauty of noble, meaningful, and loving lives, we want to imitate those moral exemplars. True education forms, shapes and deepens the desire for virtue.

Wisdom is the fruit of education. It is the hard-won power to judge rightly in service of our communities and our world. It includes knowledge, but goes beyond knowledge to incorporate experience and virtue.

Scala’s liberal arts vision begins with the truth that humans are a unity of mind, body, and soul. Educating in beauty and wisdom ensures that the liberal arts form the body and the soul along with mind. Beauty and wisdom, almost forgotten in today’s modern society, are crucial to a good, well-ordered, holistic education.

Scala is the Latin word for ladder.

A ladder needs a stable foundation: for Scala, that means being firmly based in community life that holds us steady as we climb to contemplate eternal truths.

The two sides of a ladder symbolize the need for balance between body and soul. The steps of the ladder represent the hard but necessary ascent to wisdom.

Scala’s Strategy: Educate the Educators

Scala’s programs concentrate on pivotal agents of cultural renewal:

  • Early-career professionals who are in training to become teachers, scholars, artists, writers, intellectuals, and culture-creators
  • Major decision-makers in education and culture, such as university administrators and K-12 school leaders
  • Educational entrepreneurs looking to found new schools, colleges, and curricular programs
  • Writers and other culture creators who feed our culture’s hunger for beauty and wisdom

Scala’s seminars, reading groups, conferences, summer programs and online resources help educators and culture creators:

Engage the millennia-old tradition of liberal arts education and its power to form virtuous, purpose-driven citizens.

Form young leaders who are pivotal agents of cultural renewal.

Build communities of like-minded cultural entrepreneurs and magnify their impact.

From the Executive Director

I started Scala because I believe that restoring liberal arts education, grounded in beauty and wisdom, is crucial to renewing our culture.

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In this scholarly discussion between Professor Margarita Mooney Suarez and Dr. Daniel Lipinski, a political scientist who served eight terms in the United States House of Representatives, they reflected on the intersection of faith, politics and education.

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