Bess Blackburn

Bess Blackburn is a graduate student in history, pursuing an MA thesis track. Prior to entering the graduate program as a graduate student assistant at Liberty University, Bess earned a BS in Historical Documentary Filmmaking, a BA in Classical Studies, and a minor in Koine Greek at Liberty. In addition to currently serving as an Editor of the Liberty University Journal of Statesmanship and Public Policy and as a Liberty University Online Instructor, she worked as a research assistant for Dr. Paul D. Miller on his upcoming book on just war theory, as well as interned for Hudson Institute Fellow Dr. Jennifer S. Bryson. Her film which she produced with Dr. Bryson, “Honour-Able,” received third place at the international Dare to Overcome Film Competition in Washington, D.C. which took place at the State Department Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom in July 2019.  Her work focuses on the intersection of politics/policy and academia, exploring the big questions in life and how those relate to natural law, natural right, liberty of conscience, and human flourishing. Bess lives in Lynchburg and enjoys spending time with her dear family and friends.