Featuring: Dr. Gordon Mikoski

Attend Scala’s conference, “Art, the Sacred, and the Common Good” on April 30, 2022, to hear Dr. Gordon Mikoski share his thoughts on the first panel, “Culture & the Common Good: Theological and Philosophical Perspectives on Beauty and Our Life Together.”

On this panel, Dr. Mikoski will be joined by RJ Snell of The Witherspoon Institute and Public Discourse, David Corey of Baylor University, and Fr. Reginald Lynch of the Dominican House of Studies.

Dr. Mikoski is currently an associate professor of Christian education at Princeton Theological Seminary. His research and teaching focus on Christian education, the sacraments, the doctrine of the Trinity, and practical theology.

He is also the chair of the Department of Practical Theology at the Seminary and the Principal Investigator for the “Imaging Church” grant project.

He has written and edited several books, including:

Additionally, he serves as the editor for Theology Today and is an ordained Presbyterian minister.

We can’t wait to have him here at the conference!

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