The Society for Philosophical Inquiry

The Society for Philosophical Inquiry comprises a group of Princeton Theological Seminary students who find themselves craving serious philosophical discussion conducted in a space that emulates Mill’s vision of the marketplace of ideas.  

With Scala’s support, students assemble weekly on Monday evenings for either formal philosophy presentations or informal socializations at local eateries, with the goal of intellectual, spiritual, and personal edification through philosophical rigor and open discourse. Topics that the students discuss include: metaphysics, ethics, epistemology, and more.

The club met from September-December 2021 and it will continue in 2022. They hosted one faculty member, Frederick Simmons, as a guest speaker in November 2021. The student leaders also launched Theopron: A Journal of Christian Studies.

The Society, in collaboration with Scala, hopes that its dedication to principled discussion and truth will galvanize cultural change at both the Seminary and the University.

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