Professor Lara Buchak

Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

Can it be rational to have faith? In order to answer, we need to know what having faith actually means. In this talk, Professor Buchak will first discuss why faith is not ‘belief without reasons’. Rather, to have faith in a claim is to be willing to act on that claim without further evidence, and to remain committed to acting on that claim even when counterevidence arises. Faith can be rational in certain circumstances, and those who lack faith stand to miss out on important goods. If it is rational to have faith, then what is the place of faith in the classroom at a secular university?

Professor Buchak received her Ph.D. from Princeton University and is currently an associate professor of philosophy at the University of California-Berkeley. Her primary research interests are in decision, game, and rational choice theory. Her book Risk and Rationality  examines how an individual ought to take risk into account when making decisions.

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