Recurring Donation

Join St. Cecilia’s Circle: Commit to a Recurring Donation Today!

Renewing education is a calling. Scala’s donor society, St. Cecilia’s Circle, answers that call by providing much-needed monthly support for our courses, conferences, seminars, and student groups. Please make your commitment today!

What Does My Gift Accomplish?

Monthly donors make a big difference to Scala’s work:
$15/month hosts one faculty seminar for Scala’s student groups. 
$25/month pays the cost for a student to attend Scala’s spring conference, Art, the Sacred, and the Common Good
$50/month sponsors a panelist at Art, the Sacred, and the Common Good. Our panelists are important intellectuals, artists, and educators; they will include editor Christopher Beha of Harper’s magazine, architect Leon Krier, and sacred music composer Paul Jernberg.    
$100/month enables Scala to host a lecture or keynote address from a major scholar. 

Why Give Monthly to Scala?

  • It Sustains Our Work: Monthly donations enable us to plan our budget more effectively because we can count on your support. Your donations provide the flexibility to invest in new programs, seminars, courses, and other resources.
  • It’s Affordable: For as little as $15/month, you can join Scala’s Circle of St. Cecilia. You can fit your donation to your budget while know that your gift makes a big impact for students who are looking for meaning, purpose, and hope.
  • It Makes You Part of the Community: The Circle of St. Cecilia comprises a dedicated group of Scala alums and supporters who understand the importance of making a commitment to liberal arts education.

Why St. Cecilia?

St. Cecilia, a Roman martyr, is the patron saint of music and musicians. As Scala aims to restore beauty in liberal arts education, we find inspiration in St. Cecilia.