Kayla Bartsch

Kayla Bartsch is the most recent addition to the staff at Scala, where she will serve as Development Intern for the spring term. She is thrilled to contribute to Scala’s mission of educating the whole person, a mission which has guided her own academic and professional work.

Prior to joining Scala, Kayla lived in Washington, D.C. and worked for the Education Department at the American Enterprise Institute. There, she helped AEI scholars track how COVID-19 has impacted K-12 schools across the country. While in D.C., she also cultivated creative, hands-on learning modules which she taught to elementary and middle school students who were learning remotely because of the pandemic.

Regarding her own educational formation, Kayla graduated with Distinction in Philosophy and Humanities from Yale College in the spring of 2020. She wrote her Senior Essay in the Humanities on a little-known (but highly influential) 19th-century scholar named Thomas Davidson, who helped form one of the first public humanities programs in the United States.

Something of a writer, Kayla’s work has appeared in National Review, Tri-State Voice, Christian Union: The Magazine, The Yale Logos, and the Yale Daily News. Her work centers around the role of religion, education, and the arts in building a more humane society. Apart from her literary pursuits, Kayla is a classically trained vocalist and sacred music enthusiast, and she cannot wait to sing in a choir once again.