Scala Writers’ Workshop

person writing on white paper

Meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month at 10:00 am ET in Princeton, NJ

Get together in Princeton with a local group of writers for a weekly guided session of writing!

This group is intended to help you accomplish all sorts of writing projects – from fiction and poetry to essays, articles, memoir, book reviews, and other sorts of writing.  Each member commits to a project, and members hold each other accountable for progress.

The format of the meetings are as follows: At 10:00, we briefly share the projects that we’re working on that morning. Then we have 90 minutes of uninterrupted writing time – you, with your computer or notepad, working away, with your friends doing the same and providing peer support. At 11:30, we break from writing and give one or two members an opportunity to share the projects they’ve been working on and receive feedback from the group. We’ll rotate these feedback spots each month – and sharing is totally optional! Then, we’ll share writing goals for the next month. 

The Scala Writers’ Workshop is led by Dr. William Gonch, Scala’s Managing Director, who has eight years’ of experience in teaching creative and nonfiction writing at the college level. 

If you are a student or writer who is interested in joining, please email William Gonch at for more information (or use the form below).

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