Mystery vs. Ideology in Education

gray empty road between trees

Read Executive Director Margarita Mooney Suarez’s essay on the mystery of education, Luigi Giussani’s views of a “vanishing point,” symbolism in learning, and Jacques Maritain’s argument that poetic knowledge has been forgotten.

Here’s a short summary of her essay:

Awe, contemplation, and imagination are recognized as valuable parts of our experiences. Yet, they are missing in many modern day educational programs that solely focus on either activism or test scores. In a classical education, however, students are taught how to be more increasingly aware of reality — through curiosity and questioning. This produces a love of learning and a more complete formation of the person.

Other questions that her article addresses are:

  • Why do so many students today lack meaning, purpose, and hope?
  • How does a liberal arts education form us as integral persons—mind, body, and soul?
  • What is poetic knowledge, and how is it related to scientific and conceptual knowledge?
  • What can unite us socially and politically?

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