Apply to “Poetic Form and Beauty: A Masterclass with James Matthew Wilson”

Poets and students of poetry: learn from a master at Scala’s masterclass in religious poetry and poetics!

This valuable class is a two-hour seminar occurring the day after our April 30th conference, “Art, the Sacred, and the Common Good,” and is part of the Scala Writers’ Community led by Managing Director Dr. William Gonch.

On May 1st from 11:00am – 1:00pm, 10-12 young poets will receive personalized feedback from widely-published poet and critic James Matthew Wilson. Wilson will address issues of form, theme, voice and poetics in each student’s work in order to show students how experienced poets address particular challenges. The target audience for this event are students and aspiring writers who are aged 17 to 35.

Based on an educational style that is common in music and visual arts, Scala’s masterclasses enable the instructor to address actual student work and show how he would address the challenges that students are facing. Every student will receive an individualized reply, critique, and recommendations from Professor Wilson on at least one poem.

This is a wonderful opportunity for talented young poets to receive one-on-one mentorship and make a connection with one of America’s most gifted poets. Participation is free but applications are competitive; please apply using the form below no later than April 1st, 2022. Acceptance notices will be sent out by April 15th.
Please email if you have any questions.

As a reminder, applicants are also encouraged to register for Scala’s April 30 conference (in-person and livestream options offered) and to apply for Scala’s poetry contest!

James Matthew Wilson

Poet, Critic, and Scholar of Philosophical-Theology and Literature

James Matthew Wilson is the Cullen Foundation Chair in English at the University of St. Thomas—Houston, where he co-founded the MFA program in creative writing. Click here for more information about him.

The application due date has passed. Keep an eye out for our future programs! Thank you.