Featuring: RJ Snell

Attend Scala’s conference, “Art, the Sacred, and the Common Good” on April 30, 2022, to listen to a panel moderated by R.J. Snell!

The panel is titled, “Culture & the Common Good: Theological and Philosophical Perspectives on Beauty and Our Life Together.” RJ will be joined by panelists David Corey of Baylor University, Fr. Reginald Lynch of the Dominican House of Studies, and Gordon Mikoski of Princeton Theological Seminary.

RJ was also a speaker of our most recent conference in 2020, and you can watch his presentation here.

As Director of Academic Programs at the Witherspoon Institute, RJ oversees the many academic programs that are offered, which includes: academic year seminars; summer seminars; and high school, undergraduate, and graduate programming. RJ is also editor-in-chief of The Public Discourse, which means that he is the publication’s leader for ensuring quality journalism about the moral foundations of a free society. Check out his most recent article that was posted on January 28, 2022.

Prior to his appointment at the Witherspoon Institute, he was Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Philosophy Program at Eastern University and the Templeton Honors College, where he founded and directed the Agora Institute for Civic Virtue and the Common Good.

RJ Snell grew up in Canada, and was raised as a Baptist. RJ completed his undergrad studies at Liberty University, and then began to study philosophy and St. Thomas Aquinas under Peter Kreeft. RJ earned his M.A. in philosophy at Boston College, and his Ph.D. in philosophy at Marquette University. During his studies of truth, beauty, and goodness, RJ converted to Catholicism.

In addition to the many articles, chapters, and essays in a variety of mediums and formats, he has written several books, such as:

He has also collaborated with other authors on these works:

We can’t wait to have him here at the conference!

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