Monastic Traditions and Christian Spiritualities

What can monastic traditions (past and present) teach us about our own spiritual growth? How are our spiritual lives nurtured in community? How do contemporary monastic communities like the Community of Jesus (Cape Cod), Regina Laudis (Connecticut) and Rutba House (Durham, NC), teach us about integrating our spiritual lives with daily rituals, attention to beauty, manual labor, service, and concern for the marginalized? How can learning about a variety of intentional communities shape our own calling to ministry?

In this group facilitated by Professor Mooney, we meet over weekly lunches and monthly dinners to explore how to integrate faith, work, and community life around virtues of humility, piety, service and obedience. Group members commit to developing new daily practices to foster their faith and their personal growth. We will also visit a nearby monastery to see a living example of an intentional community that integrates faith, work and learning.