Rediscovering Integral Humanism

Oxford University (Pembroke College) and Ampleforth Abbey, UK

July 2-July 13, 2017

Rediscovering Integral Humanism

Oxford University (Pembroke College) and Ampleforth Abbey, UK

July 2-July 13, 2017

What is the purpose of higher education? Why do we pursue specialized fields of knowledge in a university environment? What is the relationship between education and freedom? How are culture and faith informed by education?

Although education produces knowledge that can further scientific and technical progress, the knowledge we gain can also be directed towards the flourishing of human persons in free societies. This summer seminar will introduce students to the relationship between higher education, authentic freedom and integral humanism. By reading authors such as Augusto del Noce, Jacob Levy, Jacques Maritain, John Cardinal Henry Newman, Jean Leclerq, and Luigi Giussani, we will ponder how an understanding of integral humanism can influence education, culture and community. By conducting this seminar in two places that have preserved classical culture—Pembroke College at Oxford University and Ampleforth Abbey—students will see living examples of the integration of learning, culture and faith. Educational institutions are important to preserve and expand knowledge, yet an education that is integrated with community life, contemplation, and culture furthers authentic and integral human freedom.

Selected Readings May Include:

Luigi Guissani, The Risk of Education

Jacques Maritain, Education at the Crossroads

John Cardinal Henry Newman, The Idea of a University

Augusto del Noce, The Crisis of Modernity

Seminar Leader: Professor Margarita Mooney will lead this seminar. She received her B.A. in Psychology at Yale University and her Ph.D. in Sociology at Princeton University. She is currently a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary. Her research and teaching cover topics relating to philosophy of social science, sociological research methods, and human flourishing.

Logistics: Students will be provided with lodging, meals and a travel stipend for their airfare. We will spend 3 nights at Oxford University (Pembroke College) and 8 nights at Ampleforth Abbey. Students will be sent the readings (articles and books) in advance of the program.

Format: We will host two 2-hour sessions daily. Free time will include leisure and tours of local sites. Our accommodations offer students the opportunity to voluntarily attend daily religious services, if they desire.

Registration Fee: Students accepted to the program will be asked to make a non-refundable payment of $200 to cover part of the program costs.

How to Apply: This seminar is open to advanced undergraduate students and all graduate students who are interested in learning more about classical liberal arts education. Applicants should submit via email ( the following documents:

  • An updated CV;
  • A statement of interest that highlights how this seminar will enhance your current or future studies (maximum 750 words);
  • A letter of reference evaluating your overall academic preparation;
  • One academic writing sample (15-30 pages).

Application Deadline: All application materials must be submitted to by Friday, March 10, 2017. Students accepted to the seminar will be notified no later than March 24, 2017.

Questions: Please direct all questions to